Services for all

I want music education

Continuing Education organises education for music professionals to maintain and develop their proficiency. In Open University courses, and as a pedagogy student, you can attend music education in a top university without earlier basic education.

I want music for my company's event

Are you in need of a concert, party programme, or background music for your company's or organisation's events and conferences, or PR and staff events?

I want music for my personal event

Do you need a party band for your wedding, a string quartet for your birthday, or a music instructor for your child?

I want to read publications

Sibelius Academy's publishing activities are varied and lively.

I want to study online

Sibelius Academy offers a wide range of online educational material for music studies.

I want to rent facilities

Sibelius Academy rents halls and auditoriums for renting for companies and organisations for music events, seminars, or conferences.

I want to offer a job

Sibelius Academy’s recruiting services help employers and Academy graduates meet each other.