Learn Online

  20th Century Music History (FI)
  Information package on the musical phenomena of the last century for teachers, students, and other music enthusiasts.

  Afroimpro (FI, EN)
  Website displaying methods used by jazz and popular music professionals in learning improvisation. New ideas for improvisation for advanced students and teachers.

  The Basics of Acoustics (FI, EN)
  Information on music acoustics and instruments to demonstrate various music acoustics phenomena.

  Aleatori (FI)
  Harmony and aural skills study material appropriate for the music institute level. Article and software database for teaching music basics, such as aural skills, music theory, and the history of music.

  Coperin's Books of Harpsichord (FI)
  François Couperin (1668–1733) named his Books of Harpsihord with most peculiar names. Doctor Kati Hämäläinen explains in Finnish what these names mean.

  Etno.net (FI, EN)
  Study material for the folk music programme, online recordings, and CDs.

  Phrasing Aid (FI, EN)
  An instrument for phrasing practice.

  Harp Notation (EN)
  A guide to contemporary harp notation for composers..

  Intonation (FI)
  A presentation of intonation from the instrumentalist's everyday point of view.

  Jouhikko (bowed harp) (FI)
  Introduction to jouhikko.

  Online material for language studies
  Language studies' material bank.

  Laura (FI)
  Text database for songs and song translations.

  Percussions (FI)
  Composing for orchestral percussion instruments. A data bank for composers and arrangers.

  Online material for music information searches containing information on various music information sources and their use.

  Muhi - Music History Online (FI)
  Muhi is a database of articles on music history. It also includes a brief survey of the history of Western music. Muhi's content has been peer reviewed and represents the highest level of Finnish scholarship

  Music History Pedagogy (FI)
  Online music history pedagogy course.

  Music Theory 1 (FI, EN)
  Music theory in an unorthodox way. In addition to harmony, this material also involves notation and rhythmics. The material mirrors music theory concepts throughout history to present. Jazz theory is also included briefly.

  Music Theory 2 (FI)
  Advanced music theory discusses notations, voice leading, harmonizing, chorale, choral arrangements, two voices, reduction and instrumentation, for example.

  Basics of Music Technology
  Basics of music IT and sound engineering.

  Do You Know Enough about Playing Practice? (FI, EN, SV)
  Study material written by a musician-music tutor and a medical doctor supporting sensible practice. Focuses mainly on instructions on physical and mental practice and how to make long-term plans for practice.

  Finnish opera online (FI)
  Welcome to the opera! Find your way through the world of opera. Minna and Tuukka will help you to learn about and truly grasp the art of opera.

  SUMU - Database for Finnish music (FI)
  Information about approximately 400 works composed by Finnish composers.

  Vaccaj (FI, EN)
  Notes, lyrics with pronunciation instructions and translations, vocal examples, and background information on Nicolo Vaccaj's Metodo pratico collection.

  Virtual Cathedral (FI)
  Virtual Cathedral brings light to rich and varied church music and presents the biggest of instruments, the organ.

  Organo (FI)
  Multimedia presentation of the Helsinki Music Centre's Organo Hall and its instruments.

  Violinist's Ergonomics (FI)
  A video lecture by physiotherapist Katarina Porander.

  WaS – Wind and Sound (FI, EN)
  A site for brass players and brass instrument enthusiasts explaining what happens in brass instruments and players during the sound-producing process.

  Ääninen (FI)
  A sound dictionary and a composition environment.

  Audacity (FI)
  Guide telling how music or sounds in general are recorded and processed with the Audacity software (in Finnish). The guide is primarily for music teachers and music enthusiasts.