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Finnish Journal of Music Education

The Finnish Journal of Music Education is a scientific peer-reviewed publication focused on research and issues of music education. Articles are published both in English and in Finnish. The journal is published by the Sibelius Academy's Faculty of Music Education, Jazz, och Folk Music and the Finnish Society for Research in Music Education.


Trio is a publication from the DocMus Doctoral School and the Department of Classical Music at the Sibelius Academy, the first edition of which was published in spring 2012. The articles are in Finnish, Swedish, and English. Trio contains material about different aspects of Western classical music: peer-reviewed articles, lectiones praecursoriae, reviews, speeches, book critiques, and reports.

As of autumn 2012, the editorial board will comprise Veijo Murtomäki (Editor-in-Chief), Jorma Hannikainen, Tuire Kuusi, Inkeri Ruokonen and Timo Virtanen. The editorial committee include Matti Huttunen, Jenni Lättilä, Anne Sivuoja-Kauppala, Lauri Suurpää, Olli Väisälä and Risto Väisänen. Markus Kuikka is the editorial secretary, and Tiina Laino will

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