Sibelius Academy is responsible for providing the highest level of music education in Finland. The Academy trains artists skilled in independent artistic work, teachers and other music professionals. Sibelius Academy is also responsible for developing the Finnish music culture and fostering music tradition.

Sibelius Academy is divided into two faculties, both responsible for teaching. There are about 1,400 students in the Academy. Annually, around 150-170 new bachelor- and master-level students are admitted. More than a thousand students apply to the Academy each year.

In addition to the Master of Music degree, you can also complete a licentiate degree or a doctoral degree at the Academy. In comparison to academic universities, doctoral studies are quite recent – the first doctoral degrees were completed in 1990.

Sibelius Academy also provides youth and adult education. The purpose of youth education is to introduce musically gifted children and young people to high-level music education. Sibelius Academy Continuing Education is responsible for adult education in music and culture.

Artistic activities are one of the main missions of the Academy, and public concerts serve as its public display. Due to the nature of the Academy, there are hundreds of concerts annually. They comprise a significant number of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area's concert selection.