Partners and Networks

Sibelius Academy performs the 3rd mission of universities, which is influencing society, from various standpoints. In addition to the numerous concerts, we also create connections to the society around us, such as by corporate cooperation. The various modes of corporate cooperation, which have been on the increase, include various events, research, and innovative projects. Corporate cooperation aims at creating long-term, creative, and active relationships.

Vivat Academia, an association of friends of Sibelius Academy, gathers the friends of the Academy to follow teaching and research and to get acquainted with the backgrounds of artistic activities. Vivat Academia is an open association for all those interested in Sibelius Academy.

Sibelius Academy is also a societal commentator trying to secure the position and quality of art education. Ever-tightening cooperation with other universities in Finland and abroad guarantees varied educational opportunities and solidifies Sibelius Academy's position as a top international university.