Helsinki Music Centre

Concert Hall in The Music Centre

Seating for 1,704 people

The vineyard or surround Concert Hall forms the core of the building. It has two levels, the stalls and the balcony. Read more


Black Box

Seating for 220 people + 5 places for persons on wheelchairs. With the seats removed, terraces for 400 people.

The shoebox-shaped Black Box hall with its versatile technical equipment is situated on the lower floor of the Music Centre. It is best suited for amplified music and serves well as a lecture theatre. The colouring of the hall is dark. Read more



Seating for 206 people and possibility for 6 wheelchair places. When orchestra pit is not in use seating for 278 people and possibility for 6 wheelchair places.

The intimate Sonore has fixed, raked (tiered) seating. The lightning and sound equipment are best suited for vocal music and music theatre. The adaptable orchestra pit allows for either added seating or more space on the stage. The overall colouring in the hall is darkish. Read more



Seating for 240 people

Camerata features fixed, raked seating and a lighting and sound system suitable for small ensembles, regardless of the genre. Read more



Seating for 140 people

The centrepiece of Organo Hall are the three instruments representing different styles: an Italian, meantone tempered, 9-stop organ dating from the beginning of the 18th century; a tempered, 29-stop Fosters & Andrews organ representing English Romanticism, from the year 1892; and a well-tempered, 26-stop Verschueren organ from 1994, built on the lines of the Northern German/Dutch Baroque organ tradition. Read more


Auditorium in The Music Centre

Raked (tiered) seating for 100 people. Read more


Rehearsal Hall

Seating for 240 people

The Rehearsal Hall is intended mostly to serve the orchestras housed by the Music Centre. With the Rehearsal Room, it is possible for two orchestras to work simultaneously, because when the Concert Hall is occupied, the Rehearsal Hall provides space. Read more