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I Brahms’ romantic nuns

For the Romanticists, very interested in the Middle Ages and also in the Roman Catholic Church, cloisters were an especially popular setting for their tales. Catholicism fascinated the Romanticists with its dark history, mystic experiences, its miracles and saints. As a true son of German Romanticism, the German composer Johannes Brahms composed several cloister songs. In many of these Brahms songs, the convent is described as a lonely and dismal place. The nuns in Brahms' compositions are invariably sad and often even unhappily in love.

This short documentary film includes the following works:
Brahms: Klosterfräulein Op. 61/2 (soprano, alto, piano)
Brahms (arr.): Gunhilde WoO 33/7, Folk Song (soprano, piano)
Brahms: Die Nonne und der Ritter op. 28/1 (mezzo-soprano, baritone)

Annami Hylkilä, soprano
Ann-Marie Heino, mezzo-soprano
Aarne Pelkonen, baritone
Terhi Dostal, piano

Concept and script: Terhi Dostal
Screenplay, video art and editing: Paula Saraste and Daniel Redel