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II Brahms’ Fairy Tale Romanticism

The Romanticists loved fairy tales and their fantasy characters. The Grimm brothers were among the best-known storytellers of European folk tales. As a true son of the Romantic ideals, the German composer Johannes Brahms grew up with these fairy tales. Even as a mature man, he had many similar books in his library. The 1816 edition of Grimm's fairy tales remained in Brahms' library almost all his life. Brahms adored ballads, songs which tell a dramatic story. Many Brahms' songs contain fairytale-like characters or supernatural elements. 
This short documentary film includes the following works:
Brahms: Walpurgisnacht opus 75/4 (soprano, soprano, piano)
Brahms: Intermezzo Op. 10/3 from „Four Ballades" (piano)
Annami Hylkilä, soprano
Ann-Marie Heino, mezzo-soprano
Terhi Dostal, piano
Concept and script: Terhi Dostal
Screenplay, video art and editing: Paula Saraste and Daniel Redel