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IV Brahms’ Romantic Ballad Edward

One of Johannes Brahms's favourite ballads was a Scottisch folk poem called "Edward". Brahms wrote two separate compositions based on this piece; a solo piano piece, and a duet for two singers and piano. It was unusual for Brahms to use the same text for two different compositions. He was obviously very fascinated by this dramatic poem.
The poem is a dialogue between a mother and her son. Edward has killed his father and returns home with bloodstained sword. Her mother questions him. In the end, the dark secret of this patricide is revealed.
This documentary film includes the following works:
Brahms: Ballade Op. 10/1 "Edward"
Brahms: Duet Op. 75/1 "Edward"
Ann-Marie Heino, mezzo-soprano
Niall Chorell, tenor
Terhi Dostal, piano
Concept and script: Terhi Dostal
Screenplay, video art and editing: Paula Saraste and Daniel Redel